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The Mape Project

The Mape Project is an exciting and innovative proposal to create a new, high quality town and associated coastal resort. Closely linked to the nearby international airport and across the river from Freetown, it provides a special opportunity to create a new centrally planned and administered settlement, independent of existing urban areas. It seeks to achieve a high standard of development and quality of life that will appeal to Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad as well as tourists and related businesses. The associated inward investment spin-off benefits will make this a project that will have a significent positive impact on existing local communities and that will strengthen and enrich the wider economy.

Project Location

Konakridee and Mape are found in the heart of Kaffu Bullom chiefdom in the Port Loko district of Sierra Leone. Konakridee is situated 7 miles north of Lungi International Airport and Mape is 4.5 miles North East of the airport.

Konakridee Resort

The focus of Konakridee is leisure and entertainment – a beautiful resort environment with a variety of recreational activities. A wide range of different restaurants, bars, places of entertainment and features will all be set in a verdant and carefully tended landscape.

The Konakridee Beach Resort would include:

  • Beach hotel (incl. villas and chalets) with wellness centre, spas and gymnasium
  • Leisure and recreational facilities (beaches, squash/tennis courts, swimming pools, marina and water sports centre)
  • Residential accommodation (bungalows and villas)
  • Commercial accommodation (shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs)

Mape Town

The town of Mape will contain a rich tapestry of recreational parkland and waterways. The central lake will be a defining feature and greenways will extend alongside the tributaries, providing an attractive series of inter-linked spaces for recreational enjoyment. An 18 hole golf course and driving range is located in the north of the site as well as a hotel with a range of associated culinary experiences and sporting activities including tennis and swimming.

The vibrant town centre will provide a range of opportunities to work or invest with high quality commercial spaces.

Mape Town will provide a modern and desirable living experience and will include the following range of facilities:

  • Hotel(s) & Conference Centre
  • Residential accommodation (houses, villas and apartments)
  • Leisure and recreational Facilities (18 hole golf course, swimming pools, cinema/theatre, gymnasium, spa, sauna)
  • Commercial accommodation (shops, offices and workshops)
  • Civic and community facilities (school, hospital, heritage centre, places of worship and emergency services)

The Supporting Infrastructure

The Mape Project will deliver reliable and modern infrastructure and utility services that will also benefit the existing local communities within the region. These will comprise:

  • New or upgraded road network linking the town, coastal resort and Lungi Airport
  • Dedicated and reliable sources(s) of electrical power
  • Potable water supply from groundwater source
  • Eco friendly and sustainable sewerage and sanitation system
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