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Konakridee Beach

The road leading to the Mape Town site.

View into Mape Town site showing a survey beacon and the lush vegetation beyond.

Konakridee Beach looking south towards the Konakridee fishing village.

Land for Golf Course on Mape Town Site.

Lake at Konakridee Site

The Seven Design Principles

The Masterplan for both the Konakridee Coastal Resort and the Mape Town have been developed using and are underpinned by the following seven underlying design principles :

  • IDENTITY: uniquely Sierra Leonean
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: desirable, practical and comfortable
  • FUNCTION & UTILITY: for living, working, business and leisure
  • CONNECTIVITY & ACCESS: ease of movement and safety for pedestrians and motorist
  • SECURITY: by design and use of management systems
  • SUSTAINABILITY: in social, environmental and economic terms
  • QUALITY: to maintain safety, cleanliness, aesthetics and longevity

Overall Masterplan

The Mape Project comprise the three inter-related components of the Konakridee Coastal Resort, the Mape Town and the supporting Infrastructure.  The local region has a distinctive topography with finger-like peninsulas covered by mangrove vegetation, interspersed with tributaries that flow through the valley separating Kaffu Bullom (south of the River Sangua) and Loko Massama Chiefdom (north of  the River Sangua). 

The Mape Town

The Mape Site is located between the existing villages of Mape (west), Sania (south-east) and Yemya (north east).  The town will encompass a wide range of facilities geared towards bringing socio-economic and environmental benefits to those living within Mape and also to those of the wider community. 

The Konakridee Coastal Resort

Approximately 4.5km to the north west of the Mape Town, the Konakridee Coastal Resort will comprise a 3 to 4 star beach front hotel and leisure uses for all ages.  The resort will also benefit the surrounding areas by providing jobs. 

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